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Scam Alert! Don't fall a victim.

At the rate the world is going, internet users has tripled. Amongst these internet users are fraudsters, fakers, thieves, legitimate and illegitimate Business offers, real and fake job hunting sites, novices and armatures, gurus and wizards of the e-world etc.

ATM queue humour on a boxing day.

... Standing on an ATM queue this morning, clenching my fists in a bid to ward off cold.
i was the 6th in a line of about 22 people.
A girl that was skimpily dressed and aggressively tattooed her back, calf and ass top came. She asked me in an accent that sounds British.
"Hey Negro X, mind if i stand in fron'o you?"
At first, i wanted to oblige but at a quick glance on her, i noticed she had her ass cleave exposed.  I quickly swayed my head in disagreement. (Nnaa, nekwo ọnwụnwa nkea n'ụzọ ụtụtụa) i said to my self.
Just that instant, a guy standing 4th in the queue cut short my thoughts... "hello fine girl, come stand in my front" The light skinned tattooed, provocatively dressed lady became the 3rd in line, relegating me to 7th and an elderly man who was 16th to 17th.

Chief Victor Umeh conferred with a rare chieftaincy tittle

Sir Victor Umeh (OFR), was yesterday, conferred with a Chieftaincy tittle in his home town, Aguluzigbo.

He was bestowed with the tittle of "Ikemba" 1 of Aguluzigbo. He is officially the second and the only living Ikemba. The other was Late Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, the Ikemba Nnewi.

Man consumes 150 quail eggs and 10 chicken eegs in 37mins.

In Changcha Hunan, China, a man who looks like Jacki Chan, Challenges himself to consume 150 quail eegs and 10 Chicken eggs in 37 minutes.
This, in his words "preambles towards Christmas celebration."

Elder Former President Bush Is Hospitalized in Houston

The elder President George Bush was taken to a Houston hospital Tuesday night after experiencing shortness of breath, a family spokesman said.

Lots of Nigerians are languishing in Angola prisons.

Angola is an African country and yet Nigerians hustle and strive to get there. Even Angolan government treat Nigerians like outcasts.

"They'll delay your passport renewal till expiry, then chase you around to exhustion. Even when you are willing to pay double the normal renewal rate, they still delay you till you become an illegal immigrant." A Nigerian residing in Angola lamented.

Lots of Nigerians are lavishing in Angola prison for expired/ illegal passport. This is pathetic.
A source even disclosed that Nigerians who by virtue of marriage, acquired citizenship, are equally involved in these wicked acts.

Good news: A link to making extra income from home.

So many Nigerian youths and the elderly are into this business. So many students from accross the globe are financially stable through this medium. This is a good news to eager minds who wants streams of income per month.

It is simple and easy to get involved and explore the world of e-money. Just open the link:, follow instructions and see for yourself.

In Minna, two hijably dressed female students nearly killed.

Two female undergraduate students of the Federal University of Technology (FUT) Minna, Friday, were nearly lynched to death by irate members of the public when they were suspected and accused of being suicide bombers. The students who were dressed in hijab (Islamic apparel for women) were returning to resume school when some members of the public at Central mosque Minna raised alarm that the two ladies were suspected to be suicide bombers.

Meet the fingerless and palmless Nigerian guiterist

Simeon Djagbo hails from Ughelli South Local Government Area in Delta State. His story is amazing, a per­fect reason that no young person has any excuse for failing in life. He was born without fingers and palms. Rather than allow the physi­cal limitation of this con­genital deformity to seize his destiny, he reached deep into himself and understood the true meaning of the bib­lical passage that says, ‘I’m fearfully and wonderfully made. 

From a very young age set about overcoming the seeming obstacle posed by his not having fingers, in the process, Djagbo developed ability to do many things that would even make people with complete set of fingers green with envy. His ability to play musical instruments is simply incredible and leaves you giving thanks to God. He swims, cooks and writes with his feet. Now wait for this: he has bagged a degree in Library and Information Science and is cur­rently running a Master’s degree programme!

Abilities in disability.
Culled from 

The real meaning of "X" in Xmas

They will tell you "X" is a greek letter (chi) meaning christos. Don't mind them.
Have you heard the classic story about the little boy who noticed the huge red-and-green sign spray-painted on a department store: "Happy Xmas." And he wondered aloud about the X. Why was it X-mas? And finally, in a forlorn voice, he asked his dad: "Did they cross Christ out of Christmas, Daddy?" And the father had never thought of it that way before, but finally nodded. "Yes, Son, I guess they did." And it makes you think.

10 Simplified Success Attitudes by E.C. Ogunwa

1. Be Punctual:
At all times, in which ever organisation, venture or endeavour, always be punctual.

2. Be Time Conscious:
Time is so important in every thing we do. It is intertwined with punctuality. Keep to time because it heightens your integrity

Buhari declares: "I have at least 1 million naira in my Bank Account..."

Buhari says he has at least 1 Million naira left in his bank account after paying 5.5 Million naira for his party's Presidential ticket.
He further declared he has around 150 cows because he is always comfy with having cows around him being a northerner and a normad by cultural heritage.

"I have only three houses located in Kano, Kaduna and Daura but i built them through loan." He said.

"I don't have foreign account ever since i concluded my courses in the US, UK and India. I have no need for foreign accounts and i don't have a property or a dime abroad. Never!" He concluded.

Is he for real?

The Face of Aguluzigbo 2015...

Sparckle™ entertainment present to you, Ada Aguluzigbo 2015.
Its aims which include beauty pageantry, talent hunt, indegenous musical talent show, recognition of educational acheivers, comedy, dance and much more.

Picture: U.S Vs Ebola

War declaration. Who is winning? Seems like Ebola is winning this war. Someone said this is like creating a spear that would pierce your heart.
Controversial statements about Ebola:
"Ebola was created in a lab for warfare reasons by Americans."
Now, it seems the demon couldn't be tamed any more. God help us o!

Obasanjo's book: A real "rub-ash-on-face" for GEJ and others.

This country is seriously a "complication"itself. Have you read about OBJ's controversial book publication? 
Read it following the link below.
It is so amusing how the kettle calls the pot 'black'

A S.African teacher caught masturbating in public.

The Western Cape Education Department is reportedly looking into an incident involving a teacher allegedly masturbating in public after he was caught on video by a local photographer.
Chantelle Visser, a photographer from Kommetjie, Cape Town, had been waiting for a client for a photo shoot at Tokai Forest in the southern suburbs on Sunday morning when she spotted a man performing what appeared to be a lewd act of self-gratification.

Drug trafficking: 77th execution in Saudi this year.

Saudi Arabia beheaded on Tuesday a convicted drug trafficker, the 77th state execution in the oil-rich kingdom this year despite international concerns. Nasser bin Amiq Ali al-Inzi was convicted of trying to smuggle “a large amount” of amphetamines into the country, the interior ministry said in a statement carried by the official Saudi Press Agency.


The Nigerian Medical Association in a communique issued at the end of the National Executive Council meeting in Jos has advised that all politicians seeking for public offices in the next general elections be made to undergo psychiatric test to determine the state of their mental health.

Dbanj to be ejected from his rented apartment.

Dbanj is in a financial mess. I don't really know the extent but a report from P.M. news holds that it has degenerated to being ejected from his RENTED apartment. I even thought he owns a mansion. Read P.M. News reports below.

Suicide bombers come in different disguises.

Hijabed women are mostly dangerous. As research has found it, they are the most promiscuous and most adulterous sets of women. Now, they are the most dangerous suicide bombers.
Soon, there would be a "Nun-like" attired suicide bombers. God help us.

She is mine: A tale of love

Chiora met kasidimma on a very bright Sunday evening. Chiora, a 38 years old fine artist had pictured and brought his ideal woman's physique and looks alive on the drawing board.
He drew this imaginary woman on canvas, walls and on hardboards and she looked out of this realm.

Nigerians, wake up! Your house is on fire!

it is with enthusiastic and non-flibbertigibbet Anglo-vocal depositions and with a non-Obahiagbonic lingua-deposits that i lament thus:
 "Nigeria has eon-anchored herself onto her "oil-resources" and has forgotten other means and source of livelihood. Where are our cash crops? Our hides and skins? We have suddenly become feeble, lazy and have resorted to embezzle oil money which futuristically, we could not forecast what would be of it"

The leader VS the Boss: Variability of personality

The leader drives the venture to the next level with his followers eager to meet next target.The boss drives the venture to the next level with his followers grieved and reluctant to meet next target.The Leader solves problems easily because the followers/ employees are transparent and eager to share shortcomings.The Boss finds it difficult to bring a problem/ grievances  to a halt because he has to dig out information with logical chisel.The Leader is respected and adored.The boss is feared and abhorred. There are lots of personality variables of "the boss" and "the leader" that would maximize or shrink profits and industrial/ organizational growth... Follow me for more insight on how to drive your organization towards greater height by building a team of faithful followers.

Applaudible transparency and maturity in the Delta State PDP primaries: Signs of good things ahead.

From the desk of the Honourable commisioner for information, Chike C. Ogheah:


November 30, 2014

Press release-


On Saturday, November 29, 2014, the People's Democratic Party (PDP) conducted primaries into the Delta State House of Assembly. A common feature in all the local government areas is the peace, transparency and camaraderie that characterized the exercise.

Hope to the world on HIV/AIDS

Today is world Aids day. How have you contributed towards winning this war?
Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

You know, if you aren't infected, you are affected. One way or another, we are in this together.
Share the message, not the virus.
AIDS has no cure yet but a HIV patient can live a normal healthy life. Being positive does not mean you cant leed a positive life.

The problem is: Most people do not know their status. Most people get to know it too late a time to fight back.
Know your HIV status now! Procastination is a grave where we bury our health and tomorrow.

Check your status and stand a chance of survival. Being positive to HIV Virus and knowing it is a key to "life enhancement".

Another bomb in Maiduguri Monday market.

This morning in Monday market, Maiduguri, another bomb was detonated by unknown persons. This was just a week after two female suicide bombers blew themselves in the same market. No information yet on numbers of casualties.
Fear and uncertainty has gripped the market and the traders. Maiduguri has been turned into explosive arena.

Messi was struck by a bottle thrown from the crowd.

Lionel Messi was struck by a bottle thrown from the crowd while celebrating a late winner for Barcelona against Valencia.

Watch video @

Rivers: Unknown gun men unleach mayhem from house to house in Rivers State...

Unknown gunmen suspected to be cultist stormed Omoku in Ogba/Egbema and Ndoni Local Government Area on Friday night killing 7 persons, before the arrival of security operatives.