She is mine: A tale of love

Chiora met kasidimma on a very bright Sunday evening. Chiora, a 38 years old fine artist had pictured and brought his ideal woman's physique and looks alive on the drawing board.
He drew this imaginary woman on canvas, walls and on hardboards and she looked out of this realm.

She was tall and had an oval face which was graced with a cheek and jaw dimples. Her eyes were shiny and piercing and a set of sparkling white teeth graced her mouth.
Her lips were baby-like and her nose stood tall like phallus of Olympus.

She had her very dark brows slanted and overlapping each other. Her shiny golden hair caressed her shiny shoulders.

He always exposed her cleavages that stood half inch apart. Her brown skin shone with extra oily glitter.

Ever since Chiora started his fantasies, no woman had matched his artistic descriptions. For 18 years, Chiora has searched fruitlessly to no avail.
Chiora's family and kinsmen gave up on him per marriage issues.

Chiora, on this very Sunday evening, saw Kasidimma and She matched his artistic fantasies. Kasidimma was in her middle twenties and engaged to Kainaya, a Naval officer.

"Oh God of creation, i knew she exists. I knew i would find her. O! thank you Lord."
exclaimed Chiora and reached out for a hand shake.
"Nne, I have found you. I started looking for you when i was 21 and now it is 18 years of my search for you". He proclaimed as he bent on all fours to kiss Kasidimma's slightly dusty feet.

Kasidimma was shocked and goose pimples visibly ran all over her brown skin.
She has never seen a comedy or rather, a romance of such magnitude and sort.

"Hey! Back off! I'm engaged" she made a short and quick step backwards.

Chiora pleaded with tears running down his chubby cheeks.
"Come see my drawings of you. Come see a drawing of you which is almost as old as you are. I mean no harm my lady".

After an exhaustive tearful pleadings, Kasidimma followed him to his art gallery and there she saw her images and proof of their year of completion. She left Chiora's art room haven developed some soft spots for Chiora, she frequented Chiora's art room and they became very intimate.

On one faithful day, Chiora and Kasidimma's blood got hot and...

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