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What life would have been...

An ancient proverb says: "at the time we never had palm kernel, we didn't eat goat droppings." When our ancestors were here, they had no police, courts and prisons. They co-existed in peace and harmony.
Today, the length of a street and its breath would not be complete without a police station.
When our ancestors were here, there were no hospitals and clinics, yet they lived longer and stronger.
They worshipped God through their own means. But they were labelled heathens and pagans.
They knew their language, culture, arts and artifacts. They knew every herb and roots by their names. They also knew how to combine these herbs for curative purposes. But they were labelled illiterates. The questions are; "what is illiteracy?" Were they actually illiterates? The British were illiterates in Nigeria during those era. They could not speak our languages or read our so called "cave signs"
They (colonial masters) caused turmoil between clans and kindred, the s…