The fastest developing place in Africa is Abuja. Buy a land in a remote area for pea nuts and in less than 5 years, it would increase by 1000% or more. Kuje is another new haven for starters to invest in properties. Kuje is 35 mins drive from Wuse2 and 21 mins drive from the airport. Kuje area council issues an R of O documents to buyers and the portion for sale is limited.  1000sqm (about 2 standard plots) is sold at 350,000 naira. Interested persons should contact Mavel properties Abuja on +2349072870771. Best time to plant a tree was yesterday, another good time is today.

To understand more about land dimension in Nigeria, read David's article below↓
As a foreigner living in Nigeria or a potential buyer wishing to build a new house, you will often find things are not done quite the way you are used to, and buying land is no exception. The first hurdle is understanding the system of land measurements in Nigeria. In Nigeria, land is measured in Hectares, Acres, Meters and Feet. …


In spite of the ecstasy that greeted the Federal Government’s release of N522 billion being the first tranche of London-Paris Clubs loan refund to the states in December last year, President Muhammadu Buhari’s recent directive that the second tranche of the fund should be released without further delay is now mired in controversy. The President had at the National Economic Council meeting in Abuja on Thursday, March 16, directed the Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun, and the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Godwin Emefiele, to implement the instruction “appropriately and with dispatch.” The amount to be refunded to the states in the second tranche is reportedly about N500 billion.
President Buhari had premised his directive on the need for the states to be able to settle backlogs of unpaid salaries and pension arrears of their workers.  “One of these basic things is the issue of salaries.  It is most important that workers are able to feed th…


Twelve key statements made by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria following the signing of the long awaited 2016 budget.
1. It gives me great pleasure today to sign the first full-year budget of this administration into law. I thank the leadership of the National Assembly, in particular, the Senate President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and indeed all members of the National Assembly for their cooperation in making this a reality.
2. The budget is intended to signpost a renewal of our commitment to restoring the budget as a serious article of faith with the Nigerian people. This Administration is committed to ensuring that henceforth the annual appropriation bill is presented to the National Assembly in time for the passage of the Act before the beginning of the fiscal year.3. Through the 2016 budget, aptly titled “Budget of Change’’, the government seeks to fulfill its own side of the social contract. The Budget I have signed into law provides for ag…

10th year Remembrance of Chief Sir Ben Ejidike (Ọnwa)

Aguluzigbo town and Nigeria lost an illustrious son on the 19th of March, 2006. Today being the 19th of March, 2016; the family and friends of Lady Charity Ejidike (Ọdịka achọlụ), remembers an Icon of inestimable qualities, a mentor, a father, a husband and a rare counsellor, Late Chief Sir Ben Chikezie Ejidike, the Ichie Ezendukaku and Onwa n'etiri ọra 1 of Aguluzigbo."Our hearts beat simultaneously in rhythm of the love and legacy you left for us. Daddy, Di m ọma, i and our Children will always remember you. We are growing from strength to strength, 'Nne and Kene are married, Nwa is now a Pharmacist, Koo & Noo are doing well too. I have remained strong as promised. I wish you were here today to hold your grandchild. But it is well my dear. You are always in our hearts and we love you so much".
~ Lady Charity Ejidike (Ọ dị ka i chọlụ)

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What life would have been...

An ancient proverb says: "at the time we never had palm kernel, we didn't eat goat droppings." When our ancestors were here, they had no police, courts and prisons. They co-existed in peace and harmony.
Today, the length of a street and its breath would not be complete without a police station.
When our ancestors were here, there were no hospitals and clinics, yet they lived longer and stronger.
They worshipped God through their own means. But they were labelled heathens and pagans.
They knew their language, culture, arts and artifacts. They knew every herb and roots by their names. They also knew how to combine these herbs for curative purposes. But they were labelled illiterates. The questions are; "what is illiteracy?" Were they actually illiterates? The British were illiterates in Nigeria during those era. They could not speak our languages or read our so called "cave signs"
They (colonial masters) caused turmoil between clans and kindred, the s…

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