There is a saying that goes: "It is not always about the size of a man's barn, but the size of his heart that reflects his generosity". What am i saying in essence? I reflect this above saying to a Foundation in Anambra State whose activities towards Orphanages is void of their financial short comings.

OKOLO CAJETAN FOUNDATION is spearheaded by a Lecturer whose love for humanitarian services is second to none; and despite not having such a large pocket/bank accounts, he has touched lives in a vast way ranging from monetary, gifts of items, intellectual and moral gestures to various orphanage homes across Anambra State.

Recently, they took their large hearts to the doorsteps of a government established orphanage home and put smiles on the faces of the kids therein.

Here was what the Founder of Okolo Cajetan Foundations said and I quote, "Okolo Cajetan Foundation celebrates the children in one of the Anambra state government owned orphanage home, The Model community ch…


The VCD came and Video player (VHS) went extinct. The computer sent typewriter packing. The flash drive gave the diskette a run for its existence etc... Now, the Epoxy floor will do the same to tiles, granite and marbled floors.  WHAT IS AN EPOXY FLOOR? An Epoxy floor is a kind of hard flooring techniques that is chemically created through the reaction of two or more Chemical substances; and it is glassy and glossy to behold.  Epoxy 3D floor is gaining increasing popularity day by day and has now been used more and more at homes, offices including shopping malls due to its creativity and high performance. Epoxy 3D floor installation process involves application of a primer, a self-leveling middle coat/high build base coat of about 1-2mm, followed by the desired image vinyl in form of sticker. This is then treated with a transparent/clear self-leveling two-component epoxy to give the perfect image depth. A level of protective coat (polyurethane or polyarspactic) is the final step. It’s not…


I met a vibrant youth, a gentle spirited man and a butterfly generation.

Now, don't be surprised that I used the word "butterfly" to qualify this man. Let me quickly explain:
'BUTTERFLY in the field, flowers bloom because it only cross pollinates which brings about bloom and beauty. Unlike the CATERPILLAR that destroy the plants; they only eat and devours- liken them to most of our government officials.- the embezzlers and destroyers.
Butterfly would bring increase, productivity, happiness and beauty- IKE KLINSMANN OHAMADIKKE is a BUTTERFLY, he beautifys the world around him.
Who is this KLINSMANN? I am not gonna say much about him:
He is a Pharmacist, a duo-master degree holder in related fields, the author of "37 laws of political powers", he is a public servant and an illustrious son of DUNUKOFIA. He is a Federal house of representative aspirant of Anaocha/Njikoka/Dunukofia Federal constituency, under the umbrella of People's Democratic Party(PDP). …


© Chibuike Ogunwa,
Awka, Anambra State

OkoloCajetan Foundation has strived beyond all odds to ensure that the kids in their home gets not only care and love but also a qualitative skill acquisition through different  Channels especially the computer skills.
The Foundation has been doing this on personal purse, friends support and concerned citizens. Recently, the children were taken to enjoy extracurricular activities beyond the walls of the orphanage home. Here is what the Foundation initiator, Mr. OkoloChidiebereCajetan  has to say:

"God has done it again for the July edition of our monthly birthday for the children at the Model community children's daycare centre (orphanage home) just happened on Sunday 29th of July 2018 at the Lumen Amusement park, Ngozika Housing estate.
Their day was filled with joy because it was the 1st time they went outside the four walls of the home for any activity especially activities of such. May God bless the children and give them more opportun…

⚠It is a negative realistic virtual circle-what happens in Nigeria⚠

🎓In the University, they sort lecturers to excel.
Lecturers who sorted their way up got nothing to offer students→ students sort their way up→ and it continues that way. People who would pursue accademics or be in that field would only produce their likes! Those who would get into the labour market or other pro-carriers would be so unemployable that even the employer who was once unemployable would exchange pleasure with employment and the circle continues🌀If it is in a Lab, the test result turns out the opposite or a sister-type of your ailment, thus you treat something else and end up dying. Even if by mere grace and luck, they got it right, the doctor sometimes give wrong diognosis and then puts out a wrong ailment combat skills and you still end up wasting away. Even when the doctor got it right, the drugs prescribed are substandard but passed to be sold in pharms by half baked officials or waived to be scrutinised because money was slammed on the table. Of course back in the da…


OUR SCREAMING IS MUFFLED!Quietly, i sat beside a slow flowing stream in a quest to calm the ire in me.I wanted to stop thinking about my Country for one minute... i felt only nature could help me break my own records of being blank in thoughts concerning my Nation for one minute; but i was wrong.
The serene of the thick canopy covered mangrove, the twitting caneries,  the hush sounds of the crystal clear water as it flows, the cold humid air, they were so calming... but it could not calm this troubled mind of mine.We are made to look like COW-wards.
We rant in anger and irate,
We said it was enough...They take away our rights and make us sing their praises ... yeah, youths sing in their rallies, wear their images and sing praises filled with cognitive dissonance. Yes! the youths know the truth; they know they sing lies and falsehood, because they heard the cry of their stomachs and the pangs of hunger.
The hope with which falsehood is sang lies on the petty promises of peanuts.Armed …


♦TO THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD♦Igbo youths are not naturally greedy, bad or inconsiderate. They are not cruel or insincere like you see them. Ị fụ ihe ha fụụ, ị gbaa na aka, dụọ na ubu na mwute (if what they've been through is revealed to you, you'd snap your fingers and shrug in pity)
Hear our story from the dept of our hearts:It started before the 18th century and towards 1914 when our land was invaded. Our peaceful land that was filled with milk and honey was envaded and exploited through deceit, flatery and psychological manipulations.
Our best brains were sold to slavery, our religion was basterdized and inferiority complex was planted in our psyche.Then came the amalgamation (the stroke that broke the camel's back)
We had different language, different religious belief, different ideological exhibitions (the british knew this); they knew what they wanted from our lands. They knew the IGBOS were different. They knew we would revolt soon enough. They married the incomparti…