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PVC acquisition: No environmental sanitation in Lagos today

Fashola, the Executive governor of Lagos state, urged Lagosians to forget about today's sanitation to enable them acquire their PVC which is their voice and right.

"Good people allow bad politicians into power because they did not cast their votes."

Get your PVC and ready yourself for February 14.
Long live Nigeria.

PDP youth leader in Sokoto begs youth to vote for GEJ

Abubakar Isa, the Youth Leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Wurno Local Government areaof Sokoto State on Thursday urged youths in the country to vote for President Goodluck Jonathan in February’s general election.Isa told the newsmen in Sokoto that a vote for Jonathan would ensure continuity in the provision of people oriented projectsacross the country.According to him, the administration has placed high premium in developing the capacity of Nigerian youth to become useful to themselvesand the society.Isa cited the establishment of the new universities across the country as one of the steps taken by the Federal Government to prepare the youths for the future.He said apart from developing the human capacity, the institutions had generated employment to thousands of unemployed Nigerians.The youth leader therefore urged all Nigerians to vote for the PDP to ensure good governance.Isa cautioned the youths against engagingin violence throughout the period of the election so as…

Only Buhari can apply for his result verification- WAEC

The West African Examinations Council, WAEC, has said that General Muhammadu Buhari  can apply to the examination body for the verification of his results. It said such verification can only be forwarded to the institution specified by the candidate.

WAEC Deputy Director, Public Affairs, Lagos, Mr. Yusuf Ari in a telephone conversation with Vanguard Wednesday said, “No individual has the legal right to approach WAEC for the verification of another person’s result except the owner of the result.”

He explained that the constitutional right vested on the Freedom of Information law does not include invasion of privacy adding, “The certificate in question belongs to Muhammadu Buhari and he alone has the right to apply for verification.
“Be that as it may, WAEC cannot take any action except, the owner of the certificate asked us to do so. We are an independent body, therefore, we cannot be partisan on this issue,” he said.

Picture: Buhari's daughter, Zahra Buhari, a Stunning beauty.

Pictured below is Zahra, the daughter of the APC presidential aspirant, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari. She is a beauty goddess.

Insurgence: Last night, Boko Haram recaptured Monguno as survived Soldiers take to their heels

Top security officials in Abuja confirms  that Islamist fighters today overwhelmed the 243 battalion of the Nigerian Army stationed at Monguno Barracks in Borno State. The insurgents killed yet to be determined number of soldiers and wounded the brigade commander of the barracks.Our sources said soldiers who put up resistance to the invading insurgents were killed, adding that many soldiers then ran in different directions. They disclosed that 1,400 soldiers were stationed at the barracks at the time of the attack, adding that military authorities were not aware of their exact whereabouts or how many of them had been killed. “We still don’t know what has happened to them [soldiers], but we know that Boko Haram now controls the barracks and Monguno town,” one officer based in Abuja confirmed.Despite the losses, Nigerian Defense Headquarters said the military was conducting air raids around the besieged barracks, adding that soldiers had to tactically withdraw from the town due to injur…

Flashing back to positive past events in quiet meditation... a potent medicine

A flash back to some positive episodic moments in ones life could rebuild one's degenerating aging cells and bring a high blood pressure to norm.

 As simple and pseudo-scientific this may sound, it does to the body what anti-aging drugs can not do.
Many neglect the powers of quiet meditation. When coupled with bringing back good memories, it yields results immeasurable.
Yoga helps reduce stress etc, the above does that and much more.

Try this little one: Do you know "Okoso" Pictured below?
Remember what its made of? As a growing child, I guess you created one for yourself.
Made from battery tops and bic cap, the duo forms "Okoso".
Remember how it dances on sand, in the palm, on hard surface and so on?

Now don't say this is not worth it... If it does nothing positive to your mood, see a psychologist.

Drug trafficking: NDLEA Nabs a 53 year- old woman, 12 others...

Operatives of the Bayelsa State Command of National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) last weekend announced that its operatives have arrested a 53–year-old woman, Madam Sinoroba John, and 12 others over alleged possession and sale of 20.9 kg of Cannabis Sativa and other illicit drugs in the state.

Also arrested by the men of the NDLEA are, one Ebi Famoh, Onyebuchi Umenze, Madam Sinoroba John, Erekefe Okparate, Benedict uju and Odiu Benjamin.

The Bayelsa State Commander, NDLEA, Mr. Frank Hanachor, while confirming the development through a statement sent to LEADERSHIP via email, said the arrest of the suspects were effected at various locations in the state.

John Kerry meets with Nigerian leaders, begs for transparency in forth coming election.

Concerned that Nigeria could face postelection turmoil, Secretary of State John Kerry arrived here on Sunday to urge President Goodluck Jonathan and his principal political rival to respect the results of the coming vote and to discourage their supporters from violent protests.“There has been a history of violence being fomented by political parties here in previous elections,” said a senior State Department official who declined to be identified under the agency’s protocol for briefing reporters. “We hope that if there is any doubt about the election that they will use their court system and not encourage their supporters to go into the streets.”Mr. Kerry’s itinerary included meetings with Mr. Jonathan at the State House and with Muhammadu Buhari, a retired general who is strongly challenging the Nigerian president in a nation increasingly fearful of attacks by militants from Boko Haram, a militant group linked to Al Qaeda.Mr. Kerry’s arrival coincided with a Boko Haram attack in Mai…

Your Vote, your Voice... get your PVC now!

Time is running out to collect your Permanent Voter Card (PVC). Without it, you will not be able to vote in the February 14 th election. Don’t delay, pick up your PVC as soon as possible.

You can now pick up your PVC within your ward / registration area from 8:30am –5:30pm any day of the week, including weekends.

To find out where to go to collect your PVC, click here and select your state. Then find your ward / registration area on the list.

You do not need to have your temporary voter card in order to pick up your PVC. If possible, you should bring another form of ID in case you are asked for proof of identity, but it should not be required.

Every vote will matter in this election, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Make sure you pick up your PVC and cast your ballot for your Choice candidate. Don't let prejudice, sentiments and ethnocentric take the better part of your judgement. Together, we will make our voices heard.

God bless Nigeria.

P.S. If you have any problems, you can…

Health issues: Outbreak of a virus causing diarrea

This January, there is an outbreak of  gastroenteritis or RotaVirus, a disease that affects the alimentary canal.
It is common with ages 0 to 5, but could affect adults too.
It is accompanied by diarrhea - constant watery stooling and vomiting; and it also induces little fever.Now, don't panic if it gets into your family. Administer electrolyte- salt and sugar mixed in a clean water as much as you can.
Again, do not try stopping the diarrea swiftly. Do not try self medication, see a doctor and follow instructions.
It is not a deadly ailment except when dehydration is allowed.

Nollywood actor, Muna Obiekwe is dead?

A Nollywood star that has no "script-role" boundaries, Muna Obiekwe is rumoured dead. From genuine a source, he died of a kidney related ailment.

There were tweets from one @munaobiekwe; that He is alive but the tweets were said to have been from a fake Muna's tweeter account.
May he rest in peace.

Picture: Goats are eating PDP & APC posters. Lol!

Well, animals are revolting...
We want another candidate.

Is this a sign from the gods?

2015, Feb.14th Prayer... spare few seconds, Pray thus:

2015 Valentine's day prayers. Oh God of Creation, the God of Love, grace and mercy. Look with pity on this country called Nigeria. Its citizens are more confused than ever- based on the presidential elections that comes up on the 14th of February. Baba God, firstly they changed it to Febuhari, then again they call it GEJantine's day! Amongst these two men, most Nigerians are confused because they are like two proverbial machetes found in a poor man's yard- the one with a handle is blunt, the sharp one got no handle.
Oh! God, I know You are thinking what I am thinking... but if You are not, then I am relieved. I always gulp balls of air down my throat like tom & jerry whenever I remember 2015 Val's day.  These men are desperate, they are heartless, they are humanoids. They fight tooth, nail and weapon to ensure they sit on that seat of power where they pilot the affairs of this Nation. They have been there, they had the ship-Nigeria- navigated to the rock instead o…

Buhari did not collapse in Calabar APC rally.

There is a blatant lie against Buhari. These lies are carried by incompetent bloggers and rumour mongers.
Muhammadu Buhari DID NOT COLLAPSE in an APC Presidential rally held in Calabar on the 7th of January, 2015.
He wore an Ibibio regalia which covered his feet. As he was stepping up the podium, he stepped on his clothes and tripped. People can stumble, trip and fall. Even a vigorous youth can trip on clothing and grace the floor with a mighty thud.
Stop this rumours and lies.
Long live Nigeria.

See? Its not only in Nigeria... "Criminal/ Cultural Universality"

A man in Illinois, was shocked to discover that his bike was stolen from a police station while he was filing a police report about his stolen iPhone.

The incident unfolded on Friday night around 9:00 p.m., while 31-year-old Adam Wisneski of Chicago, was at the police station to report that his iPhone was stolen. Wisneski said that he was riding on a train last month, when he realized that his iPhone was gone. Recently however, he was contacted by a person who said that he purchased the phone and demanded the access code.

Wisneski rode to the nearest police station on his bike to file a police report about the phone. After about 30 minutes, Wisneski went outside to get his bike and was shocked to discover that it had been stolen. Wisneski immediately went back into the police station to file a police report about his stolen bike. 
This is so funny and pityful.


Nigerian Police donates again...

The police have again donated N3 million to six wives of the 35 police officers declared missing with each receiving N500, 000. The Inspector-General of Police, Mr Suleiman Abba, presented the cheque for the money to the women through Mr Ibrahim Idris, Commissioner of Police, Mobile Police Force, Kubwa. Mr Emmanuel Ojukwu, the force spokesman made the disclosure on Tuesday in Abuja in a statement issued to newsmen. NAN recalls that the 35 policemen were declared missing on Aug. 20, 2014, after Boko Haram insurgents attacked the Police Mobile Training College at Gwoza in Borno.NAN also recalls that on Dec. 30, the I-G, visited 14 wives of the missing officers at Akwanga, Nasarawa state and donated N7 million to them with each of them receiving N500, 000. Abba promised that the salaries of the missing officers would be paid for one year, effective from August, 2014. He vowed that in spite of all odds, the force would continue to perform its statutory duties of safeguarding lives and pro…

New year resolutions... odds of "It" & its misconceptions.

Every 1st of January, in almost every heart, there is always this urgency to turn a new leaf, or do things differently.

Why must we wait for January to be resolute? Here is my ideology:
Calendars, dates, events and holidays are man made; and because of the inclination of the so called resolutions towards God (mainly), most religious folks tend to do this with the notion that God begins the year like man. People even believe that if the world is gonna end, it is going to be January 1st. Lol!