Flashing back to positive past events in quiet meditation... a potent medicine

A flash back to some positive episodic moments in ones life could rebuild one's degenerating aging cells and bring a high blood pressure to norm.

 As simple and pseudo-scientific this may sound, it does to the body what anti-aging drugs can not do.
Many neglect the powers of quiet meditation. When coupled with bringing back good memories, it yields results immeasurable.
Yoga helps reduce stress etc, the above does that and much more.

Try this little one: Do you know "Okoso" Pictured below?
Remember what its made of? As a growing child, I guess you created one for yourself.
Made from battery tops and bic cap, the duo forms "Okoso".
Remember how it dances on sand, in the palm, on hard surface and so on?

Now don't say this is not worth it... If it does nothing positive to your mood, see a psychologist.


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