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Anambra pre-electoral activities.

Reports from Anambra on pre-electoral activities. THIS BATTLE IS NO MORE CHILDISH. IFEANYI UBAH as it stands now, is moving the masses towards LABOUR PARTY. He is seriously desperate for that seat and is working acidiously towards achieving it. 80% of the people of Anambra state Sings His praise. He is like "spartacus" never relenting and ever striving. He has overwhelmed so many money bags by the way he spends money in and out of the country for this singular purpose of the "Governorship seat" He has proved to most lay-men to administrative prowess that he is worthy of moving Anambra forward. Many that spoke with wisdom and foresight towards what could be of the state when "governmentaly unskilled" persons assumes position are now "stuttering" due to the strategic spending and philanthropism of Dr I. Ubah. Political opponents are fidgety and even the power of incumbency advantages for APGA governorship candidate is not on solid grounds. Reports…

Anambra state election

I have a passion. a passion to create rationality in the minds of my fellow Anambrarians. if you desire to see our dear state in a good condition tomorrow, if you wish for your kids, siblings and family to experience peace- a lasting peace- then i urge you to heighten your thought processes, let your mind be void of being cajoled by finances, be of strong zeal to see our state free of all these 'wolves'.
Now i ask, "Have you been bought by money? Have you sold your conscience? Have you agreed to be bought with a temporal gifts which will give rise to permanent havoc? Are voting for PERSONALITY or A PARTY?
Please my fellow Anambrarians, i fidget at the future of this state when nefarious men would mount the thrones of governorship. You enjoy a gesture of cash, car, and finances while you've sold your right to good governance. Be aware of their devices, Be aware of their desperation, be aware of their strategies. Vote right.

Imagine the amount of money being thrown around …

Ikwa village