New year resolutions... odds of "It" & its misconceptions.

Every 1st of January, in almost every heart, there is always this urgency to turn a new leaf, or do things differently.

Why must we wait for January to be resolute? Here is my ideology:
Calendars, dates, events and holidays are man made; and because of the inclination of the so called resolutions towards God (mainly), most religious folks tend to do this with the notion that God begins the year like man. People even believe that if the world is gonna end, it is going to be January 1st. Lol!

Let me burst your bubbles friends, God doesn't work with these earthly calendars. Be always resolute in your dealings.
There is no right time for resolutions. Now, is right, last month was right, next month would be right too.

If you want to lose weight, eat healthy or quit smoking, don't wait for January 1st. It doesn't tally with your linking it to divinity.

Be your best at all times, do the rigth thing at all times and be consistent in all your endeavours. Most importantly, be yourself.
Happy New year. Lol!


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