2015, Feb.14th Prayer... spare few seconds, Pray thus:

2015 Valentine's day prayers.
Oh God of Creation, the God of Love, grace and mercy. Look with pity on this country called Nigeria. Its citizens are more confused than ever- based on the presidential elections that comes up on the 14th of February. Baba God, firstly they changed it to Febuhari, then again they call it GEJantine's day! Amongst these two men, most Nigerians are confused because they are like two proverbial machetes found in a poor man's yard- the one with a handle is blunt, the sharp one got no handle.

Oh! God, I know You are thinking what I am thinking... but if You are not, then I am relieved. I always gulp balls of air down my throat like tom & jerry whenever I remember 2015 Val's day. 
These men are desperate, they are heartless, they are humanoids. They fight tooth, nail and weapon to ensure they sit on that seat of power where they pilot the affairs of this Nation. They have been there, they had the ship-Nigeria- navigated to the rock instead of the harbor or shore.
The Ship wreckage of past voyage still lay beneath the ocean floors and they are cracking fingers for another ride of horror.
God, we are puppets in their itchy fingers but God, You are able to break their fingers. The only truth they tell us is the acronym of their various political parties. Their names, they also lie about.

Without your interventions, we are doomed. Without Your mercies O' Lord, we are gonna bleed blood and fluid. Without Your take-over, we would be ran-over by their huge wheels.
God, send Your Angels of Protection to shield us all especially the women, the Children and the elderly.
If you don't navigate this ship, it is headed to the iceberg to capsize. 

Oh! Lord the giver of life, we want life and not death. We want a leader and not a ruler. We want a  Leader who would lead with example.

God, the Muslims, the Christians, the Godians etc, I know would say Amen to this prayers. We want peace, give us peace. If You don't intervene, hmm, I think I would flee to Swahili even though they don't have comfy parks and recreational facilities, they have cultured peace. 

Biko, Papa in heaven, hear thou my prayers and take actions for us endangered Nigerian Citizens. 


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