See? Its not only in Nigeria... "Criminal/ Cultural Universality"

A man in Illinois, was shocked to discover that his bike was stolen from a police station while he was filing a police report about his stolen iPhone.

The incident unfolded on Friday night around 9:00 p.m., while 31-year-old Adam Wisneski of Chicago, was at the police station to report that his iPhone was stolen. Wisneski said that he was riding on a train last month, when he realized that his iPhone was gone. Recently however, he was contacted by a person who said that he purchased the phone and demanded the access code.

Wisneski rode to the nearest police station on his bike to file a police report about the phone. After about 30 minutes, Wisneski went outside to get his bike and was shocked to discover that it had been stolen. Wisneski immediately went back into the police station to file a police report about his stolen bike. 
This is so funny and pityful.



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