What life would have been...

An ancient proverb says: "at the time we never had palm kernel, we didn't eat goat droppings."

When our ancestors were here, they had no police, courts and prisons. They co-existed in peace and harmony.
Today, the length of a street and its breath would not be complete without a police station.
When our ancestors were here, there were no hospitals and clinics, yet they lived longer and stronger.
They worshipped God through their own means. But they were labelled heathens and pagans.
They knew their language, culture, arts and artifacts. They knew every herb and roots by their names. They also knew how to combine these herbs for curative purposes. But they were labelled illiterates. The questions are; "what is illiteracy?" Were they actually illiterates? The British were illiterates in Nigeria during those era. They could not speak our languages or read our so called "cave signs"
They (colonial masters) caused turmoil between clans and kindred, the sublime peace that existed were a source of resistance to the white men. Which they succeeded in disorganizing.

They imposed their religion on our ancestors and condemned their own religion. They told our ancestors all manners of lies, deceit at different lengths of Pinocchio's nose.

Yes they brought inventions and so? Our ancestors were living happily.
Had there been no single invention, no encroachment and exploitation by the western world; probably  you and i would be gathering in the village square every other night with no phones to distract our commitments, attention and physical interactions. No sophisticated clothing and Jewelries to make the next neighbor rack his or her brains on how to acquire it.

When tracks and paths dwelled on tree trunks. When nature and its essence possess healing properties. Theirs was a greener generation when trees wrote the best poems amidst the air. Today we fell the trees, convert them to papers and therein, we right our emptiness.

Oh, the days of our ancestors... though some practices were unfair, but it was fairer than the atrocities of today.
Permit me to speak my mother tongue. "Ụfọdụ Ihe n'eme kịtaa, anyị kpọrọ omenala bụ arụ mgbe gboo"

Why are people dying too young and prematurely these days despite several medical break-through?
We have left the peaceful, less stressful, natural ways of our ancestors.
Do you think without cultural diffusion from the westerners we would not live happily?

When last did you forgo canned food and drinks for your local dishes and palm wine? Those are "health" which we can not find in these so called new improved agric products.
Argue all you can, those days were soother, healthier and less evil.
The Ebola Virus outbreak were not entirely naturally occurring. Mark my word, scientific trials and error has created macro and micro demons that haunt and shorten our life span.

Its time to think, its time to blend into the ancient food and natural living.
Guys develops gray beards and hairs earlier than usual, women get hit by menopause earlier than usual too. And we smile and applaud western civilization.

Months to months of immunization, after birth has not improved life expectancy. Your grand fathers, who gave them immunizations and vaccination when they were born?
There were no maternities and gynecologists and yet parturition were always successful. In an Igbo proverb, it said "The gods drives away flys from a tailless cow."
I would have said more... duty calls, let me stop here for now.


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