10 Simplified Success Attitudes by E.C. Ogunwa

1. Be Punctual:
At all times, in which ever organisation, venture or endeavour, always be punctual.

2. Be Time Conscious:
Time is so important in every thing we do. It is intertwined with punctuality. Keep to time because it heightens your integrity

3. Be Consistent:
Being focused in what you ventured into is so inclined towards succeeding. Do stuffs, do more stuffsand a little more, do again.

4. Don't ever quit:
Quitters are never winners. You may be close to success at the point you want to quit.

5. Invest:
No business grows without investments. You don't expect to win a raffle draw without first buying a ticket.

6. Re-invest profits:
A reaper who eats his seeds, eats into his barn and silos. Re-investment increases your capital and projects you towards goal attainment.

7. Be enthusiastic:
You must be crazy about your venture or you may grow to hate and ignore it. The love you have for your endeavour is proportional to the growth of it.

8. Give alms:
Givers never lack and are always ontop. It is in giving that we receive. In such manner of giving, we secure our business from uncertainties. But giving also has orinciples. You don't give insesantly and aimlessly.

9. Be a Reader:
Today's leaders were yesterday's readers. Read and read the more. Secretes are hidden in written articles.

10. Always be Sincere:
Any business built on deceit is like a house built upon sand. Be truthfull at all times. Sincerity is an integrity builder. It makes your venture stand a test of time.

There are lots more but these are majorly important.
Ogunwa E.C


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