Nigerians, wake up! Your house is on fire!

it is with enthusiastic and non-flibbertigibbet Anglo-vocal depositions and with a non-Obahiagbonic lingua-deposits that i lament thus:
 "Nigeria has eon-anchored herself onto her "oil-resources" and has forgotten other means and source of livelihood. Where are our cash crops? Our hides and skins? We have suddenly become feeble, lazy and have resorted to embezzle oil money which futuristically, we could not forecast what would be of it"

People run into political positions because of the "oily-source-national-cake" Soon, it shall be a poisoned loaf to every ill-hearted Nigerian.
Dollar rate increases on a daily basis and per barrel price of our oil declines progressively and swiftly. Financial budget was re-budgeted and would still not be feasible.
Dollar rate would hit 270 naira per dollar -opinionated'.
Business men would wail, Nigeria would cry and inflation would take a 45% rise.
I am not a prophet, i am just applying common sense.
I once said in 2007 in my note titled "Aso rock" that Nigeria is going to experience dilapidation of economy through her oil sector. I also suggested temporal shut down of that sector to enable her harness other resources and curb corruption which emanates from abundance of fund from the oil sector.

We know how to move this "lame" sun smitten Nigeria to a shady portion but the elderly, the leaders and the "supposed movers" decided to keep mute because their currency-stuffed mouth has been shut-up and their vocal cord failed them.

Let me stop here for now and hold my peace cos it seem to be letting loose.


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