Meet the fingerless and palmless Nigerian guiterist

Simeon Djagbo hails from Ughelli South Local Government Area in Delta State. His story is amazing, a per­fect reason that no young person has any excuse for failing in life. He was born without fingers and palms. Rather than allow the physi­cal limitation of this con­genital deformity to seize his destiny, he reached deep into himself and understood the true meaning of the bib­lical passage that says, ‘I’m fearfully and wonderfully made. 

From a very young age set about overcoming the seeming obstacle posed by his not having fingers, in the process, Djagbo developed ability to do many things that would even make people with complete set of fingers green with envy. His ability to play musical instruments is simply incredible and leaves you giving thanks to God. He swims, cooks and writes with his feet. Now wait for this: he has bagged a degree in Library and Information Science and is cur­rently running a Master’s degree programme!

Abilities in disability.
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