ATM queue humour on a boxing day.

... Standing on an ATM queue this morning, clenching my fists in a bid to ward off cold.
i was the 6th in a line of about 22 people.
A girl that was skimpily dressed and aggressively tattooed her back, calf and ass top came. She asked me in an accent that sounds British.
"Hey Negro X, mind if i stand in fron'o you?"
At first, i wanted to oblige but at a quick glance on her, i noticed she had her ass cleave exposed.  I quickly swayed my head in disagreement. (Nnaa, nekwo ọnwụnwa nkea n'ụzọ ụtụtụa) i said to my self.
Just that instant, a guy standing 4th in the queue cut short my thoughts... "hello fine girl, come stand in my front" The light skinned tattooed, provocatively dressed lady became the 3rd in line, relegating me to 7th and an elderly man who was 16th to 17th.

The man got furious and came up to the front. In anger, he cursed the girl's manoeuvering attitudes + her tattoos and her half dressed body. The man turned to the randy guy who allowed the girl stay in front of him and said in Igbo, "hmm, enyoo m gi ihe onye ọcha nyoro anyari- 'is this really a fellow white brother?'.
(A confused white man mistook an African albino to being a white man; and asked, 'is this really a white man?')
Laughter filled the air as the man became 4th in line making the guy the 5th and automatically, making me 8th.

Happy boxing day.


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