Woman slammed with $950,000 bill after giving birth in the United

A woman might be forced to file bankruptcy after being hit with a nearly $1 million medical bill for giving birth to her baby. Jennifer Huculak-Kimmel of Canada, was six months pregnant when she was cleared by her doctor to leave the country on vacation. She and her husband bought travel insurance before flying from their home in Saskatchewan to Hawaii. However, two days after arriving, her water broke and she went into labor nine weeks before her due date. Huculak-Kimmel was taken a hospital in Honolulu. She spent the next 6 weeks on bed rest at the Hawaiian Hospital. The baby girl, named Reece, spent two months in intensive care before being able to go home. Despite having travel insurance, Blue Cross denied payment for their medical bills, saying that the woman had a pre-existing condition. Huculak-Kimmel had an infection on the bladder during the fourth month of her pregnancy. However, her doctor and the doctor who treated her in Hawaii, said that the condition did not cause the baby to be born premature. She insisted that she would have never traveled if there was a risk to her baby or herself. Huculak-Kimmel and her husband cannot afford to pay the $950,000 medical bill. They will have to decide whether to go after the insurance company or to file for bankruptcy.



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