Raped, burnt and silenced...

A teen girl was set on fire after she refused to have sex with several men, police in India said. Now, the 15-year-old girl has died as a result of burn injuries a week after being set on fire as punishment for resisting attempts to rape her, Uttar Pradesh Police said. 

So far, police arrested four men, who were accused of setting the girl on fire when she left her home. The family of the girl told investigators that six men dragged her back into the house after she objected their lewd gestures. 

The men doused her with kerosene and set her on fire as punishment. The family took her to a Shahjahanpur hospital, and two days later, she was transferred to the Bareilly Medical College. When her health deteriorated, the hospital asked her parents to take her to Lucknow Hospital. 

However, she was taken to Rohilkhand Medical College, a private hospital in Bareilly, because it was closer. The district administration and local organizations helped pay for the medical bills because the family could not afford it. 

Police are still searching for the other two suspects. All six suspects will face murder charges.



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