There is a attitude which superceeds every other in terms of spirituality. Here, i do not talk about any singular religion or practices but in a general terms, because of my unifying ideology of "a religionless God head"

I don't know what you believe but take it or leave it, God (if you believe in it) would deal with you according to your foundational belief and incorporated beliefs.

Now, the attitude i am talking about would makes you spiritually fit to embark on this earthly sojourn without breaking down.
Do you know that "lunatics" are people that sought escape from earthly troubles? The weird fact is that they actually did escape. This is gonna sound stupid to the sane.

The attitude is an attitude of "hoping" and giving thanks, seeing all situation as a means of preparations towards attainment of better tomorrow, better life and better being.
To escape every life's negativity, dissapointments and turmoil, you've got to develope an attitude of being hopeful and thankful.

Let me throw more lights: Ben was walking home on a Saturday evening, and from no where, a vehicle knocked him down and rendered him lame. Because Ben could not change this situation, Ben found a way to adapt without worries and regrets. I asked him what has kept him happy despite loosing his locomotion freedom. Ben smiled and said "i would have died but look at me living and hopeful"

What you've got no power to change, don't loose a sleep. What you can't lift, don't break your back. Do your possible best and let the rest take its/their natural course. 

Finally, a better way to stay out of blowing our own fuse is to be thankful and hopeful. 
And from people, expect nothing and hope for the better.

Happy new week.


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