BOKO HARAM: Soldiers not local hunters liberated seized towns

The Nigerian military has reacted to claims that local hunters and the civilian JTF were responsible for the recapture of towns seized by Boko Haram insurgents in the Northeast. According to the military authorities, such claims are baseless, flimsy, exaggerated and aimed at discouraging and ridiculing the military.

The military however appreciated the “effort of the hunters and citizens who have been supporting our troops in the onslaught.” A statement posted on the website of the Defence Headquarters on Friday reads: “All the flimsy and exaggerated claims of hunters’ exploits in the ongoing operations are simply intended to foster a mischievous campaign aimed at disparaging and depreciating the professional efforts of the Nigerian military at containing the terrorists especially in Adamawa. 

It is obvious that the intention is to ridicule and discourage the military. We are not moved. “While appreciating the effort of the hunters and citizens who have been supporting our troops in the onslaught, the military still remains in the vanguard of the mission to rid the nation of terrorists and their activities. We will remain focused and utilize only well-meaning support and advice in the ongoing campaign to wipe out terrorists. “Much as we are aware of the politicians who are promoting the campaign for whatever reasons, we will not be distracted by their antics. 

The result of present efforts will soon manifest for the whole world to see and Nigerians and their military will not be diminished, as intended by those engaging in the campaign of calumny against the Nigerian military “We however caution Nigerians not to allow themselves to be hoodwinked into danger by some false reports on so called liberation of certain areas by ‘hunters’ as we can only vouch for areas where the military has reports.



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