Apple and Google working to diversify Emoji...

Engineers from Apple and Google are working on new code that will make emoji more representative of the global community by creating a range of new skin tones for the faces.
As part of a proposal to the Unicode Consortium - which is the program that standardises emoji, a ranged of toned swatches would be added to emoji catalouges, which when combined with a face, would create a human with that skin tone.

The new system is scheduled to be updated by the middle of next year, and the update suggests that this new code could be extended to emoji hand gestures, smiley faces and other body parts.
Emoji have become a central part of instant messaging and social media conversation, with both the iOS App Store and Google Play housing hundreds of apps related to them.
With Apple’s iOS 8 opening up developer access to the keyboard for the first time, an emoji keyboard app even exists.
The fact that this submission came from engineers within Apple and Google suggests that this is a subject the major tech firms believe needs to be addressed, and with widespread support from elsewhere already appearing, it looks as though adoption rates will be high.

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