★01- version of youth motivator... A must read for guys.

"An arrogant fly (musca domestica) follows the corpse to the grave"
"A child that dances 'surugede' should be told; 'surugede dance' is the dance of the spirits."

Don't be confused about the above proverbs. If you do not understand, sit back, brace your self and open your mind to this little piece of written information.

I will focus on one youthful ills at a time. Follow up on this version of my blog for more reflections on other ills.

Before i delve into the major ill of this ★01-reflection, i will tell you a little true life tale about Udoka (not the real name).

Udoka came to lagos after his SSCE, and lived with his uncle Emos. Emos was a trader who deals on Jewelries and ornaments. Emos was rich and good hearted. He took Udoka like his own biological son. Udoka too, on his own part, was industrious. They grew in business, prospered and excelled.
Udoka got his freedom (independence) from Emos. It was with 5,000,000 naira, a shop and a year's house rent- a detached 3 bedroom bungallow.

Not up to one year after his freedom, Udoka started living large. He joined so many "do wells" clubs. He was amongst the "larger boys" in town. Udoka bought the latest Honda jeep, rented a new house- a duplex- even though the former apartment's rent still read valid.

His activities were like this:  11a.m he would rise up, freshen up and hit the road. 12 a.m, he would be in the shop. 4 p.m, he would hit the bar, pick one of his mistress, hangout till 10 p.m then he would return home, freshen up and hit the night club. There he spends so heavily that one would think he is a co-partner with Carlos Slim Helu.
These pattern of life style continued till he went bankrupt and could no longer change his wardrobe nor take his numerous girl friends out for a shopping spree.
All his "do wells" club members deserted him.
That same year, his duplex rent expired and within the same period, his father passed away and he travelled to the vilmage for the burial.

Udoka never thought about having a shelter in his village nor even in the town.
He had the oppurtunity to do that when his uncle Emos was hammering on it. Luxury blinded his senses.

In the village, it was an old dilapedating building that stood akimbo. The life he lived in Lagos could not recognise the episode that occured in the village when he layed on the rafia mat emersed in thoughts and tears.
What i am trying to say is this:
"Had he known, he wouldn't have lived such extravagant life. His female and male friends were all ashamed of him for living a life of luxury in town where as his home town edifice was merely a tatch old akimbo Standing building.
Even his cousin who was a carpenter built a village apartment even though not quite completed.

Hey dear, the birds of the air, the rodents, the squirels and most burrowing animals are all conscious of "housing". Why not set a target for the acquisation of a roof over your head against "rainy days."

 No matter how small you earn, make provision and declaration somewhere in your heart that "i must build my own house"
Set a mark and work towards reaching it.
Cars are good but remember, they are liabilities not investments. Extravagancy is an attitude of the unfocused. I don't mean you to be a miser but plan your future. Your distractors might not be found in your failed future. They would all disperse when your funds are down.

Think up brother, i want to put some thoughts into some people who earn a living and extra, but spends them on social activities.
I am not trying to take the adult accross the road traffics nor tell an elder to stay out of the hot sun. I just want to touch and reconstruct some thought proccesses.
Forgive me if i step on your big toe.

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