On the early hours of today, gas stations (fuel stations) across Anambra state were shut down. The few ones selling hiked the price to 150%.

Anambra state citizens, being opportunistic, hiked the price of black market to 300—400 naira per liter.

Motorists (Okada riders) were not left out as they also utilized this opportunity to their own advantage. Infact, virtually everything has been negatively affected in Anambra State as the fuel scarcity and hike took a toll on Anambra citizens and inhabitants. 

Most NNPC gas stations sold fuel this morning at a normal rate but the queues were so long that it extended up to 250 meters.

Speculations had it that there were task force overseeing the authenticity of fuel station's pumps and penalizing defaulters by sealing their fuel stations. Which lead to this sudden scarcity.

More details later...


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