This may sound way out of your thinking circle but believe it or leave it, God is a God of no religion.

The whole duty of a created man is to love every other creature. Now don't get it twisted, the application of this "love" is basically to mankind.

Most Christians struggle and slave to keep a whole lot of commandment, obey the biblical teachings and Church doctrines. These put together, gives an exhaustive lists of "thou shall not..."

Islamic religion, Buddhism, Judaism, Traditional religion, Hinduism and every other religion of this world, has a long list of "does" and "don't".

Now, here is a formula to put an end to incessant worry of abiding by the laws and all what not. That formula is LOVE.

With love, every other thing would have fallen into pleasant places. Now, haven said this, let love keep every nation, every tongue, every religion and every human together. No matter the class, the complexions of our skins, the texture of our hairs and the shape of our bodies, let love be the ultimate.

If i love you, i would never molest, rape, maim, marginalize, hate, destroy, kill or murder you. If i love you, i would give you your right. I would not embezzle funds, i would not betray and sabotage anyone.

Even the Qur'an referred the Muslims to the bible...Koran Chapter 10 vs 94.
Let us practice this singular act that encompasses all. Let love lead.
Be an ambassador of love.
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